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running and screaming for he after an act of unspeakable horror. a woman running and screaming for help after she is set on fire. a freak accident sends a car plunging into a retaining pond. how long the driver was under water. and they score. >> they're back. all the players get ready to hit the ice after a month-long walk out how the livelihood has been affected. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. right now traffic is getting back to normal in oakland following a fatal accident. the crash shut down all lanes on westbound 880 on high street for nearly two hours. this is what it looks like right now, but this is what it looked like just a short time ago. the freeway resembled a parking lot. they said that the chain
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reaction crash started when a car hit the center divide. one person killed, but traffic is getting back to normal. in the san francisco neighborhood, they are stunned by what they saw. and a woman was set on fire in the middle of the san francisco streets. it happened just a few blocks from candlestick park. cbs 5 reporter talked to the woman's sister who saw it happen. linda? >> and the young victim remains in the burn unit here at st. francis hospital. and the sister says that it was the boyfriend's fault. they have fought and then it escalated into where a fight where he set her on fire. neighbors heard horrifying cries for help and then saw a woman on fire tearing at her clothing. they did not want to be identified. >> we heard some screaming and we went outside. >> i had seen a fire and she was running taking off her
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clothes. >> reporter: it was the 25-year- old who was the mother of three young children. >> most of her face is burnt and just a little bit of the hair is there. >> reporter: and they are accusing her boyfriend, the 22- year-old of torching her after a fight. >> they got into an argument and she left the laundromat. >> reporter: she was taken to the burn center where police say she is being treated for life-threatening injuries. police are looking for oliver and have released this prescription. she is 5-10, 155-pound. and the dark pajama pants with the multi-color print. they also wore gray and red nike sports shoes. unlike the picture, he has a distinctive haircut with a lightning bolt on the other
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side. >> and she did not deserve it. he should turn himself in. >> reporter: police say oliver is wanted on arson and attempted murder charges. tonight they are continuing to hunt him down. >> all right linda yee, thank you. a woman dies after an unusual accident in san jose. her car left the roadway and submerged under eight feet of water. the car crossed the expressway and went into the water just after 2:30 this afternoon. because the waters are so murky, they couldn't reach the driver until the county dive team showed up. >> she was submerged around 42minutes. we were doing cpr getting her out on the shoreline and continued to get her to the hospital. >> what happened then? >> we reported back to the highway patrol where they are saying they have reports that she is deceased. >> reporter: they are located
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in the southern part of the express way. and that is just to the west of highway 87. san jose has the first homicide of the year called to the 1900 block this morning and found the victim in front of the house. he was a hispanic man in his 30s, shot at least once. the killing comes after a particularly deadly year in san jose. 46 homicides in 2012. that's the highest number in 20 years. the suspect in the colorado movie theater massacre heads back to court tomorrow. it might be the closest thing to the trial that they will get to see and that is because the defendant, they might be taking a plea deal. on how this will be the first time public. >> reporter: james holmes is accused of opening fire in a crowded aurora movie theater july 20, killing 12 people and wounding 70. >> there is at least one person shot, but they are saying
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there's hundreds of people just running around. >> reporter: only radio transmissions between first responders that night have been made public so far. the new evidence could include testimony from witnesses as well as video and 911 calls from inside theater 9 where the shooting happened. the district attorney warned victims families they might not want to attend. in a letter she asked them to carefully consider whether or not you think you're ready to be exposed to potentially difficult information at the hearing. in order to keep the public and press away from victims and families who do attend, officials have set up a separate courtroom where they can watch the proceedings on the closed circuit feed. jessica watts will be. there she's attended every hearing so far in honor of her cousin, jonathan blunk, a husband and father of two killed inside the theater. >> i made a promise to him just after the shooting.
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i visited the cross and told him that i would see this through to the end. >> reporter: holme's attorney will challenge the evidence as they are also ready to call their own witnesses to describe holmes' mental state. setting up the insanity defense. at the end of the week, the judge will decide if there is enough evidence for holmes to stand trial. cbs news, centennial, colorado. >> in the wake of the theater massacre and the one at the connecticut elementary school, there have been calls on stricter controls of gun and ammunition. now cbs 5 reporter shows us one state lawmaker wants even more restrictions. >> basically anyone can buy bullets for any amount right now. >> reporter: the state assemblywoman spoke about her new bill to crack down on the
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ammunition sales. she wants to track how much people buy. so stockpilers could be red flagged. but they are not convinced. >> yeah, how much more can you write until it becomes intrusive. >> reporter: colorado isn't the place where they are on the most regulated safe when it comes to gun and ammo control. >> why can't you trust the constitution to do the job that our founding fathers figured out because he battled for our freedom? >> reporter: consistent laws require buyers to be 18 with the history free of mental illness, but they are not being enforced. >> you can buy bullets online, you can go to the various source so your i.d. is not kept. and that the dealer who sells bullets to you does not have to report it to you.
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>> they need to understand that people are people and they are scared in every way. >> reporter: in southern california people waited hours to attend to the west gun show. there is a third in attendance because gun stores have been selling out and everyone wants to be equipped before the new laws go into effect. they're in favor some -- in favor of some regulation. >> does thawier about those people doing the same thing? >> reporter: in san francisco, cbs 5. for die hard fans it's been a painful 113 days, but they'll finally be able to get to hear this same thing. >> in the middle they sore! after four months of bitter tense talk, the nhl and its players have reached a deal to end the lockout. once the players and team ratify the deal, the nhl have -- will have a season set to
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begin in two weeks. cbs don don is at the shark tank where fans and businesses are eagerly anticipating the drop. >> reporter: that's right this is a battle between millionaires and billionaires. they really appreciate the fans here in san jose. they are swarming all over spending money everywhere they go. that's why they want them back. the bar and restaurant is running on the sunday night. good, but nothing like the sharks game night. hopes that they will still be on the ice puts everyone here in a good mood. >> it's great. it will bring back all of our time. they were out the door, it's a fun atmosphere. >> he's a huge shark fan and overjoyed on getting the sharks back to the ice. >> and it has been very depressing for all of us, you
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know, if you're a millionaire it depends if you wonder if they will ever take the stand and i'm glad they finally got the whole thing settled. >> good for fans and businesses. good for the san jose downtown circulation. >> the more impact you have for the wave of tole that washes over downtown especially the restaurant. no gains, no 30% increase. >> it's been that bad here in west santa clara. >> how much do you think that you're losing without the sharks game? >> depending, it is all different. but on a saturday game, $15,000. >> wow. >> what percentage would that be like? >> about half. somewhere a little bit more. >> if the deal is done as promised, it will be food news for everyone, but especially those who cater to the fans. >> reporter: how do you feel about getting them back?
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>> fantastic. everybody is happier and the restaurant crowds, you know, we need it. we definitely need it. >> reporter: we heard from some fans that are afraid it may not been -- may not happen, but it may be too good to be true. >> all right, don don, thank you so much. a fire ball shooting several hundred feet in the air worry that thousands of people would turn out to be why no one was in danger. president obama is likely to announce the nomination for defense secretary tomorrow. the likely choice is the senator chuck hadle why there should be a fire storm during the confirmation hearing. and the storm will be rolling through the bay area earlier this morning. radar and in search of rain now. we'llty you the tell when you need the umbrella when we continue on the cw. for ,, ,,,,,,,,
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created what appeared to be "ball of fire" in the area. and it left a lot of people nd wondering what a methane gas burn off at lax, what appeared to be a ball of fire in the bay area leaving a lot of people nervous, wondering what's going on. a large plume of smoke and flames could be seen shooting 100 feet up in the air. some people thought that the plane had crashed. >> and you could feel the earth move underneath you. you could feel the intensity of the burning that was happening. >> all of a sudden like i heard the rumbling noise. and it was, i would say about two minutes, and then like an explosion happened. >> the so-called gas company says that it was an unplanned release of natural gas and that the defense did what they were suppose to do. despite the mass of fire ball,
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damage was under $5,000. president obama's second inauguration is two weeks away as the ceremony will be more low key than the first one. four years ago nearly 2 million people crowded on to the national mall to watch the nation's first african american president take the oath of office. and this time officials expect the crowd to be a third of that. a part of the reason is that the president's second inaugural is not the historic event that the second one was. president obama is facingresistance for the potential cabinet nominee. he's expected to nominate chuck hagel as secretary of defense. they explain why some of the fellow republicans oppose him. >> chuck hagel has two terms under his belt as the republican from nebraska. he is also a decorated vietnam war with two purple hearts. those qualifications are among
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the reasons that president obama is considering them to be the next secretary. and today the republican called hagel an in your face pit and one that he strongly opposes. >> and chuck hagel would be the most antagonistic defense towards the state of israel in the nation's history. >> reporter: and that's because that hagel has taken it here on the terrorist groups. and they have been supported the direct talks with the u.s. designated terrorist states, syria and iran. they have launched attack adds. >> president obama supports the sanctions on iran. and they voted against them. >> reporter: the other controversy, risk drawing the oppositionsing president obama and the gay right groups. in 1998 they opposed that nominee for the u.s. ambassador that will be openly aggressively gay. two weeks ago in the written statement, he apologized calling for the remarks
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insensitive. he also said that he supports the gays openly serving in the military. president obama said that they reflect their changing attitudes. and with respect to the particular comment. he apologized for it. >> reporter: they have friends on both sides of the aisle. he is now a member of their intelligent advisory board. and the confirmation hearing will have a rubber substantiate for their performance at the confirmation hearing that will be considered crucial. officers are crediting an alert neighbor with catching a thief who stole packages off peoples porches. 25-year-old andrew stafford from union city is facing various felony and misdemeanor charges. on new year's day a witness called 911 reporting seeing a man steal two packages off the neighbor's porch. they arrested stafford in the area and since then they found out that it is linking him to similar thefts in san jose. the san bruno postal worker
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will be in court tomorrow accused of stealing mail and providing stolen credit cards to friends. the 38-year-old has already pleaded not guilty to charges of identity theft and possession of stolen property. police say they found several thousand pieces of mail in his closet and car at least three of the accomplices are accused of using the stolen credit cards. all right as they mentioned there was rain earlier this morning that has moved on, is it coming back? we've got the details. we saw anything of $6 .06 inches of rain to .5 inches of rain. and you can see the big sweep searching the vicinity for the rain drops. that storm is out of here. and it is gone, it is now digging to the south leaving behind anywhere from partly to mostly cloudy conditions today. high temperatures are still very cool for this time of the
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year. typically at 56 in livermore, instead 48 degrees there. that was the daytime high. this is our live cbs weather camera looking out towards hp pavilion where again today's high was 50 in san jose. currently 42 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. here's what you need to know. first up tonight's temperature, not as cold as the return of the cloud cover and they kind of work like a blanket to insulate things, but your weather headlines suggest that monday and tuesday are going to be the warmest days of the incoming week. and then we have cooler air mass returning to the bay area. first off this is today's system. that is now moving to the south. above it, it will continue to ride the northern tier of the united states. and behind it here we're making the path for the new trough. this promises to bring us at least a chance of rain back into our forecast.
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and it will be by wednesday and thursday so anyway between 126% of -- and it will be by wednesday and thursday, so anyway between 126% of the time. monday, still lingering rain showers. and also in fresno, modesto, otherwise 54 here through fort bragg. we do have temperatures going up tomorrow. very seasonal. in the 60s. warmest location will be napa, sonoma and santa rosa at 61 degrees. across the silicone valley, the extended forecast, there we reveal the sunshine on monday and tuesday. we cloud up and introduce cooler temperatures by wednesday with that threat of rain into thursday. as we approach friday, that cool air mass is stuck into place. we won't see temperatures into
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the 60-degree mark. at least for the next seven to ten days after getting through monday and tuesday. you're going to feel the chill in the air to watch the air quality on that particular time too. >> yeah, we could several see that. sort of the recommendation. >> the actually we had two and a big volunteer day. which is dry weather pattern as well. >> yeah, i need that to come in and kick out all the pollutants. just kick it out. >> you do it well. >> thank you. all right, michael j. fox has been returning to television in his own show. it's the role that is much like life imitating art. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the sequel to a 70s horror classic has knocked the hobbit off the box office throne. "texas chainsaw mase 3-d" opened at number one, taking in 23- million dolla. "django unchained" held on to second place. and after
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three weeks at number one, slipped to number and they held on to second place. after three weeks at number one, "the hobbit" slipped to number three. "les mesrabe" ended up in the top five. on suspicion of driving under the influence, currently stars on the cbs -- starrs on the cbs show. actor michael j. fox is returning to the series television in a role that mirrors his real life. fox suffers from parkinsons disease, will play a newscaster who quit his job because of parkinsons. his character is able to return to work because of the new medical regimen that have helped him control many of the disease symptoms. trucks havedrugs has helped him. andrew luck made the
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playoff debut. how does it fair? and marshawn lynch unleashes the beast mode. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only $29 a month for six months.
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help us continue serving the millions of women and men with breast cancer who still need us every day. register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful packers next saturday in the divisional playoffs. today's games would determ well, we know that the 49ers will host the packers next saturday in the divisional playoffs. today's game would determine the rest of the nfl's elite red. hosting the seahawks. winner plays atlanta next week. redskins got off to a great start. robert griffin iii to logan paulson washes up to 14-0, blue seahawks scored 24 unanswered points. there goes marshawn lynch. 27 yards out. seattle, they win, lynch rushes for 132 yards. griffin iii played with an injured ankle. later in the 4th his knee buckled out a fumble. he had to leave the game 24-14
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is the final. and so seattle goes on to face the falcons. and with railways last home game turned out to be -- and with ray lewis, last home game turned out to be his final one. a tough debut. locked out by mcphee recovering the ball. luck turned it over twice. 4th quarter baltimore leading 17-9. and joe flacco connects. they will go to denver next saturday and louis got to do that dance. one last time for the home fans. they're still alive. coming up on game day, more on the nhl and that workshop jam. we'll go to green bay and a report on what's happening with the packers. how they plan to defeat the 49ers. >> tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 10:00. >> yes. it'll be a good game, you assume? >> well, you know, -- >> oh no i hate when you say that. >> i can't see the packers beating the 49ers. packers have no running game.
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they've got some running back and a roster on december 1. there's no way. go to vegas. bet on it. >> and yes, now you redeemed yourself. >> see you at 11:00. good night. ,,,, ♪ [ male announcer ] the distances aren't getting shorter. ♪ the trucks are going farther. the 2013 ram 1500 with best-in-class fuel economy. engineered to move heaven and earth. guts. glory. ram.
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